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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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Employers, publicity campaigns, people everywhere. Suddenly all love blindly the country where they were born. Someone don’t know very well why, perhaps is thatbeautiful flag or that hymn so special. Other people know very well why: Chileans are patriots and buy all that reaffirm their patriotism. Anyway, a national unity, beauty in the fantasy but absurd thinkingin the way how our country was forged…in its beginnings and actuality as well as.

I don’t care so much the idea of patriotism, but I’m interested in it and I feel identified with some veryinteresting aspects of the Chilean culture. I appreciate and esteem them, I can’t deny where I come from, it make us be like we are. But I don’t put myself the shirt of Chile when it implicates to defend thecrimes and the injustices that were committed in its name.

But whatever… Now, Chile is super.


I don’t know if the idea of a capsule that contain “icons of our culture”is necessarily bad, it would can be interesting, but would be to sin of innocent if we believe that something like that can do the good, having in charge people who in their campaigns counted on thesupport of actors of the “beautiful culture” like Kike Morandé, Marlen Olivarí, Viñuela, etc…

To choose things like TV programs, commercial products or insipid people instead of pieces of ourcrafts, recipes or another representative of our popular culture (that by the way, they run the risk of change or lost in the lapse of 100 years) demonstrate that for many people, the country is not morethan the country that appear on TV and the other mass media.

But in spite of the ridicule selection, after of some days, I arrived to the conclusion of that the idea of the capsule is not so bad,inclusive, it would can serve for that in 100 years more, we will realize of the idiots that we were, and well, never more we return to that state of human stupidity.