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CURSO 2011-2012 Instrucciones:


a) Duración: 1 h.30m. b) No se permite el uso de diccionario. c) La puntuación de las preguntas está indicada en las mismas. d) Los alumnos deberán realizar completa una de las dos opciones A o B, sin poder mezclar las respuestas.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16OPTION A “Will the eBook finally replace paper?” Should we declare the traditional book as an “endangered species”? Current trends show that although the printed book is a part of our culture, the eBook’s popularity is growing and it may become the format of choice for most people in the near future. Publishers and book-sellers are reporting that eBook sales are increasing by as much as four orfive times over the last year. Industry analysts are predicting this trend to continue. Steve Ballmer even thinks that the electronic format will completely replace paper publications in about 10 years. “There will be no newspapers or magazines that are delivered in paper form. Everything will get delivered in an electronic form,” says Ballmer. This growing popularity of digital format isunderstandable. The eBook has many advantages over its paper counterpart: it’s easy to carry and accessible from anywhere—if you use any online storage service, you can access your eBook copy from anywhere where you have a computer and Internet connection available. Finding a phrase in an eBook is easier than in a paper book. The environmentally friendly eBook reduces the usage of ink and paper, whichsaves trees. They cost less to produce and are therefore cheaper than paper books, in some cases 50% cheaper. This is one of the reasons why many schools are adopting eBooks for their students. Another reason is that students are very mobile and it's easier to store books in a laptop than carry them around. But even the most ardent eBook fan does not expect paper books to become obsolete: "They'llco-exist and we'll hopefully see publishers offering combined packages, so customers can get the best of both worlds," says Steve. I * COMPREHENSION (4 points: questions 1-3, 1 point each; 4-5, 0.5 points each) ANSWER QUESTIONS 1-3 ACCORDING TO THE INFORMATION GIVEN IN THE TEXT. USE YOUR OWN WORDS. 1. Why do publishers believe that eBooks are replacing traditional books? 2. How do eBooks help topreserve the environment? 3. Can you mention two reasons why schools are choosing eBooks rather than conventional books? ARE THESE STATEMENTS TRUE OR FALSE? JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWERS WITH THE PRECISE WORDS OR PHRASES FROM THE TEXT, OR USE YOUR OWN WORDS. 4. People can always access their eBooks. 5. According to the author, some eBook fans even expect paper books to disappear completely. II * USE OFENGLISH (3 points; questions 6-9, 0.25 points each; 10-13, 0.5 points each) 6. FIND IN THE TEXT THE WORD WHICH HAS THE FOLLOWING DEFINITION: “no longer produced or used; out of date”. 7. FIND IN THE TEXT ONE SYNONYM FOR “tendency” (noun). 8. GIVE A NOUN WITH THE SAME ROOT AS “deliver “(verb). 9. GIVE AN OPPOSITE FOR “save” (verb) AS IT IS USED IN THE TEXT (LINE 12). 10. TURN THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE INTOTHE PASSIVE VOICE: Many schools are adopting eBooks. 11. JOIN THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES USING AN APPROPRIATE LINKER (DO NOT USE AND, BUT OR BECAUSE). MAKE CHANGES IF NECESSARY: eBooks are quite cheap. People still buy traditional books. 12. USE THE WORDS IN THE BOXES TO MAKE A MEANINGFUL SENTENCE.USE ALL AND ONLY THE WORDS IN THE BOXES WITHOUT CHANGING THEIR FORM. printed she her got book yesterdaynew

13. FILL IN THE GAP WITH THE CORRECT OPTION: She used to let me _______one of her books every month (borrowing / borrow / to borrow). III * PRODUCTION (3 points) 14. WRITE A COMPOSITION OF APPROXIMATELY 120 WORDS ABOUT THE TOPIC PROPOSED. YOU MUST FOCUS STRICTLY ON IT: Do you like reading or watching movies? What kind of stories do you prefer?