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Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten, Helen Sandiford. Touchstone Full Contact 4. Cambridge University Press 2008.

Objetivo: Reforzar el conocimiento adquirido en las unidades 4 a 6.Procedimiento:
Para llevar a cabo este reporte se realizaron los siguientes pasos:
1. Leer y realizar las prácticas de las unidades 4 a 6.
2. Llenar la el touchstone checkpoint en el libro.
3.Transcribir las respuestas hechas en el libro de trabajo al formato de reporte

Solución a los ejercicios solicitados, y refuerzo de lo estudiado en las unidades antes mencionadas.Touchstone checkpoint Units 4- 6
1 What are you supposed to do?
2 This means you´re not supposed to eat in this place
3 It´s supposed you wear a helmet on the factory
4 You´re not supposed totake pictures
5 This one means you´re not supposed to walk in the grass

2 You can say that again!
2 … I just getting nervous when I meet new people.

3… It just too expensive going outevery night.
4… I just be on time when I have to meet my friends.

2 I sometimes get a bit nervous when I meet new people. I just feel right when I started to talk with them.
3 I like meet myfriends everyday, It´s just too expensive going out every night.
4 I always arrive early to meet my friends, I just hate wait for them when they don´t arrive on time.

3 Crime doesn´t pay
2.People who are convicted of murder usually get imprisoner.
I think murderers should be incarcerate first because it´s a really serious crime, second they´re a danger and they need to stay away fromother people.
2. People who are convicted of robbery usually get probation.
I think robbers should be probationary, because it´s not a serious crime, but of course only if this it´s the first timeand the amount is not large.

4 A weird week
2 Why did Eric want to apologize?
Because he yelled to her for expense lot of money.
3 Why did he oversleep on Friday morning?
Cause he had...