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1. Fill in the blanks with present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous and present perfect simple. (2 points).
a)My brother Juan is watching (watch) television now. He normallywatchs (watch) tv from 9 to 10 in the evening.
b)I have lost (lose) my keys and I can’t find them anywhere.
c)The light went off (go off) when they worked (work) at night and they had to stop.d)What were you doing (you, do) when she rang (ring)? I just answered the phone.
e)She came in (come in) home very late at night and saw that her father was sleeping (sleep) on the sofa and her motherwas listening to (listen to) the news.

2. Fill in the blanks with present perfect simple, present perfect continuous or past perfect. (2 points).
a)We have been doing (do) Christmas shopping thewhole month. How many presents have you bought (you, buy)?
b)Have you find (you, find) your identity card yet? You may need it to travel.
c)She is really tired because she has been running (run) for 2hours.
d)My brother was angry because his girlfriend hadn't appeared (not appear) the night before.
e)When we arrived at the airport, the plane had already left (already, leave).
f)My neighbourshave been living (live) in the same house until 2006, when they moved to a small apartment.

3. Fill in the blanks with will, going to, future continuous and future perfect (1 point).
a)“It is veryhot in here”. “Don’t worry. I will open (open) the windows”.
b)They have bought a second-hand house and they are going to restore it as it is a bit old.
c)By this time next july I will have finished(finish) this English course. It is very easy.
d)I think some people will travel (travel) to the moon on holiday in the future.
e)“These bags are so heavy”. “Really? I will help (help) you withthem. 

4. Translate these irregular verbs in their correct tense. (1 point)
Habían comprado They had bought
No hemos empezado We haven't started
Estaba golpeando He was beating
¿Oiste? Did...
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