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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2012
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I remember that I was in my bedroom playing my guitar when one of my friends phoned me. I kept myguitar in the wardrobe and then I started to talk with her. We were laughing and talking about school and exams early an hour when I decided tohave a shower because it was late. So, I said goodbye to her and went to my bedroom again.
I took my pajama when I had noticed that my guitarwas in my bed! If you didn´t realized what happened, I will explain it. I left my guitar before speaking with my friend into the wardrobeand later It was in my bed.
I was confused; I was asking myself how the guitar was in my bed when I was sure I left it into the wardrobe. Ithought that it was impossible!
But that´s not all, something was telling me to open the guitar case to have a look. It was when Idiscovered that the guitar had a slit. Wow! My guitar was changed to another place and to top It was broken.
I was alone in my house, so nobodycould do it. But…how could happen? I didn´t hear any sound and I was sure of the place where I left it. I was nervous so I phoned my friend totell her what happened to me.
When my parents arrived, I told them the happened, but they didn´t believe it. They thought it was an accidentand they said to me not to worry because the guitar was okay and it sounded the same. It´s a mystery, I never knew what could happen.
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