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I. Put the verbs in brackets Affirmative form of Present Continuous:

1. My mom and dad _________________________ (visit) Europe now.
1. The children_______________________ (play) basketball in the park.
2. The customer _______________________ (buy) a ticket to Japan.
3. The rain ________________________ (fall) over the city.
4. I ______________________(pay) 25 dollars for this CD.
5. The soprano _____________________ (sing) opera at the theater.
6. The little boy_________________ (laugh) with his dad.
7. John and Lisa __________________(walk) to the restaurant.
8. The students _____________________ (learn) English at the institute.
9. 1You and me _______________________ (drink) a delicious wine.
II. Put the verbs inbrackets in the Negative form of Present Continuous Tense
1. Jane ____________________ (watch) a film at the cinema.
2. We ____________________ (buy) a new house next month.
3. The students___________________ (play) chess at the reading room.
4. Peter ___________________ (feed) his dog downstairs.
5. Mary ___________________ (wash) her hair at the bathroom

6. Our neighbours__________________ (help) their father
7. You ____________________ (learn) the poem
8. Peggy ___________________ (draw) a picture.
9. The children ___________________ (sing) a song.
10. I____________________ (talk) to John now by the phone.
11. We _________________ (run) at the park
12. My pets _________________ (sleep) now.

13. Aunt Helen __________________ (feed) theducks.
14. Andrew ____________________ (make) cookies.
15. You _____________________ (cut) the grass.
III. Present Continuous – Questions

Change the following sentences into questions. Don'tforget the question mark at the end of the question.

Example: He is watching TV.
Is he watching TV?

1. Harry and Alice are cooking dinner tonight.
2. Jerry is waiting for the bus....
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