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  • Publicado : 8 de julio de 2010
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Mr. dursley was a big, beefy man with hardly any neck although he did have a very large moustache, he was the director of a firm called grunnings, wich made drills.
Mrs. dursley was thin andblonde and had nearly twice the usual amount of neck, so she spent so much of her time spying on the neighbours
They had a small son called Dudley, and for them there wasn’t a better child than him.
Hewas obese, envious and evil. The dursley had everything they wanted
Petunia dursley had a sister mrs. Potter, but they hadn´t met for several years, for that reason petunia said that she didn’t havea a sister, because mrs potter and her husband were the most opposed to the dursley. The potters had a little son.
For that reasons the dursley preferred to keep them away from their beautiful day when Mr. Ridley was leaving his home for work, he saw many strange things unexplained, upon reaching the corner of his house he saw a cat reading a map, that image was on his head for a longtime treatment to think of something else but could not, then while still the way to work saw many people dressed in a strange way, with rare color Cloaks, he was surprised too but thought maybe itwas the new fashion, could not focus on nothing. 
That morning many owls flew through the sky thing was too strange and very lucky that people could see an owl in the night. 
When Mr. Dudley came homeheard from people who spoke of such a harry then he thought of his nephew. 
When she got home she tried not to tell anything about what happened to his wife. 
Outside the Dursley house strangethings began to happen when it appeared a tall, thin old man had a silver beard and a Cloaks, pulled out a wand from his cloak and turned off all the lights approached the cat and told the cat became astern-looking woman who also had a clock. 
The woman was Professor McGonagall, and the man was Dumbledore. 
They began to have a conversation about voldemort that no longer exist, but James and Lily...
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