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(5000 BC-2007)

(5000 - 2000 BC) Stone Age settlers arrive, crossing the English Channel, farming introduced
(2200 BC) The Bleaker People construct ring ofstones at Stonehenge

(600 - 50 BC) Celtic peoples establish their culture throughout the British Isles; Druids populate Wales

(55 BC) Julius Caesar attempted invasion of Britain, forcedto withdraw

(54 BC) Second invasion attempt by Julius Caesar; captured St. Albans

(43 AD) Roman Emperor Claudius and 40,000 troops invade, Britannia becomes a Roman province

(61 AD)Queen Boadicea organized rebellion against Romans, was defeated

(120 AD) Emperor Hadrian ordered wall to be built to mark Roman territory of Britain in north

(211 AD) Britain divided intotwo parts - Britannia Superior and Britannia Inferior

(254 AD) St. Alban beheaded, became first Britain Christian martyr
(290 AD) Carausius rebelled against Roman Empire, took control ofBritain and North Gaul

(296 AD) Emperor Caesar Constantius Chlorus invades Britain, recoveres it for the Roman Empire

(306) Constantine declared Emperor of Rome

(360 - 369) Saxons fromNorthern Germany attacked Roman occupied Britain; Scot invaders attacked northern Britain; Romans retained control

(410) Roman troops withdrew from Britannia; Roman occupation officially over(440 - 450) Assorted tribes inlcuding the Picts, Saxons, Angles and Jutes invade unprotected Britain
(477) Saxon chief, Ella, captured fortress at Anderida; proclaimed himself king of Sussex(525) AD (date) system introduced; Saxons attacked between London and St. Albans; form Kingdom of Essex

(556) Saxons set up seven kingdoms in Britain

(597) Saint Augustine sent toBritain to convert English to Christianity

(613) Anglo-Saxons conquered all of Britain; land divided into 30 kingdoms

(617) Edwin, King of Northumbria, conquers England

(617 - 685)...