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English I

A- In New York, thousands of people go to Times Square.
In Scotland, New Year’s Eve has a special name: Hogmanay. At Hogmanay, there is a tradition called first footing. The firstperson to come into the house in the New Year is the first foot: if he is a tall, dark man, and someone you do not know, he will bring good luck.

• Good fruit, vegetables and stronganimals: over thousand years ago, pagans ask their gods to give people good fruit and vegetables, and strong animals.
• Valentine: was a Christian who lived in the third century. He worked for thechurch and one day helped a soldier to get married.
• The Roman Emperor Claudius II: he wasn’t Christian and he decided that his soldiers must not marry, because married soldiers do not make goodsoldiers.
• A note written in prison: in prison Valentine got in love of a woman and when he died, he sent her a note. At the end of this note, he said: “Your Valentine”.
• 14 February:Valentine died on 14 February, so the day of the festival changed from 15 to 14 February and the name changed to ”Saint Valentine’s Day”
C- 1: False: Easter begins the day the Romans killed JesusChrist, in Jerusalem.
4: False: Eggs mean spring and new life.

D- 1- Jack o` lantern is a king of light. The name Jack o` lantern means Jack of the lantern.
2- They made fires outsideand used big autumn fruit or vegetables to make Jack o` lanterns. Another people were to dress like witches and ghosts.
3- they say: “ Trick or Treat? “. This means that the person in thehouse must decide. Either they give the children a treat (like fruit or chocolate) or the children will play a trick on them.
4- Guy Fawkes` Day was a plot to kill King James, and his government,when he opened Parliament in London. They put thirty-six boxes of gunpowder in a room underneath the Houses of Parliament. They wanted to kill everyone at the same time. But the plan did not work....
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