Ingles 3

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Evaluation guidelines:
A) Grammar
B) Vocabulary
C) Communication: Fluency, and pronunciation
Unit 1 - Situation 1
It's your first day at Inacap. Ask and answer questionsto know your new classmate.
Grammmar: simple present, information questions, too, either.
A) Hi nice to meet you, my name is christopher, and I am new here at the university. What about you?
B) Hinice to meet you too, my name is Francisco, and I too am new here :)
A) Wow, that’s fantastic ... and tell me what you think of college?
B) Mum ... is very difficult, I have to study every day and Ican’t see my friends or go to parties. And what do you think?
a) Mum ... I too have to study a lot, but sometimes I feel so "stressed" and i go to see my old friends and after to see them I feelgreat.
b) Ooh...that sounds good, I’m going to practice this therapy XD... What do you think if we come the INACAP casino? I have never visited that place
A) The people say there are sell the best foodin this place.
B) Excuse me are you kidding me what you say?
A) I say... That the people say there are sell the best food in this place. Why?
B) Oh... Me neither have visited that place, but ilistened the people say that the food is so awful.

Unit 2- Situation 2.
Talk about your hobbies , interests and music.
grammar: verbs : love, like, can : objets pronouns, everybody, nobody.
A) Hi,Chris nice to see you, why is that smile in your face?
B) Hi, well you don't believe this, but my parents gave me a electric guitar.
A) Oh... that´s great, i love play music, maybe we can make aband, what you say about? i practice the batery in my free time and i play the batery like a rock star.
B) Wow... That sounds good, i can imagine everybody singing ours songs, and don't is everything,they gave me two tickets for to see mark Anthony... Is wonderful no?
A) No, i don't like him... is so bored, i prefer the Rock I hate the salsa, anybody in my house can stand this music, everybody...
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