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Inglés V

1. - Have you ever ______ anything in the lottery?
a) Earned.
b) Won.
c) Gained.
d) Profited.

2. - My goodness you're fat. ¡I’ve _____ a lot of weight!
a) Won.
b) Gained.
c) Profited.
d) Earned.

3. - She _____ the contest with little competition.
a) Gained.
b) Profited.
c) Earned.
d) Won.

4. - Excuse me, can you _________ me the time?
a) Say.
b) Tell.
d) Talk

5. - Have I ______ you the latest news?
a) Spoke.
b) Said.
c) Told.
d) Talked.

6. - _______lies is a bad habit of mind.
a) Speaking.
b) Saying.
c) Telling.
d) Talking.

7. - The apparatus is the point ______ falling to pieces.
a) Out.
b) In.
c) Of.
d) About.

8. - Can you point ______the way please?
a) Of.
b) Out.
c) On.
d) Over.

9. - They were within twopoints _____winning the game.
a) Of.
b) Out.
c) In.
d) About.

10. - I might have gone, if ____________.
a) I will have time.
b) I had had the time.

11. - If the wind had blown harder _________________________.
a) It had destroyed the crops.
b) It would have destroyer the crops.
c) It would have been save.
d) It will be.

12. - If I had listened to my father, I ___________ and notbusiness administration.
a) I had been studied.
b) Would have been studied.
c) Would have studied medicine.

13. - If a cancer vaccine had been discovered in 1060, millions of lives.
a) It will be saved.
b) It had saved.
c) Would have been saved.

14. - I'm sorry there's __________ for you in the mail today.
a) Nobody.
b) Nothing.
c) Nowhere.
d) Anything.

15. - Are you going to themovies tonight? No, I'm going ________.
a) Nothing.
b) Nowhere.
c) Nobody.
d) Anywhere.

16. - That _______ me of a joke I wanted to tell you.
a) Reminds.
b) Remembers.
c) Memories.
d) Memory.

17. – She ______us to be here early.
a) Talked.
b) Said.
c) Told.
d) Sung.

18. - I'll be home _______earlier today.
a) A few.
b) A little.
c) Many.
d) Near.

19. – How _______moneydo you earn a week?
a) Many.
b) Much.
c) A lot.
d) Various.

20. - I was _______what happened to our car.
a) Reminding.
b) Wandering.
c) Wondering.
d) Singing.

21. - Ten soldiers were seen _________up the hill.
a) Creep.
b) Creeping.
c) Wondering.
d) Flying.

22. - I notice, he keeps _______ his glass.
a) Spilling.
b) Spill.
c) To spill.
d) Eating.

23. - She jealouslywatched us ________ together.
a) To dance.
b) Dancing.
c) Dance.
d) Boiling.

24. – They _______us do all sports of difficult things.
a) Make.
b) To make.
c) Making.
d) Do.

25. – He ________them write a page a day.
a) Having.
b) Has.
c) Had.
d) Did.

26. _________me be quiet. If you can!
a) Makes.
b) Made.
c) Make.
d) Done.

27. - She found her lost child in __________ thepark.
a) To play.
b) Playing.
c) Play.
d) Stealing.

28.- He met his wife while in ________ the army.
a) Serve.
b) To serve.
c) Serving.
d) Kissing.

29. - I used to catch moths _______ near the light.
a) Flying.
b) Serve.
c) To serve.
d) Throwing.

30. - Don't you remember him ______ glasses.
a) To wear.
b) Wearing.
c) Wear.
d) Eating.

31. - He's helping his father ______the crop.
a) Harvesting.
b) To harvest.
c) Harvest.
d) Robbing.

32. - Do what I told you. _______away.
a) Take.
b) Right.
c) Go.
d) Keep.

33. - Some things are impossible. It is necessary to ________them' away to save.
a) Eight.
b) Keep.
c) Throw.
d) Drink.

34. - That chair is still wet. ____ away please.
a) Take.
b) Right.
c) Keep.
d) Throw.

35. - You had better______away. I don't want to see you again.
A Go.
b) Right.
c) Keep.
d) Throw.

36. – He _____away my toys and won't give them back.
a) Took.
b) Went.
c) Kept.
d) Throw.

37. - Most important rivers flow ________
a) Upward.
b) Sideward.
c) Seaward.
d) Offward.

38. - Many of us are mistaken for weather balloons going _____.
a) Backward.
b) Sideward.
c) Upward.
d) Goward.

39. -...
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