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Best wishes!!!


Read the text and choose the best answer for each question.

Lee el texto y escoge la mejor respuesta para cada pregunta.

Today, millions ofpeople want to learn or improve their English but it is difficult to find the best method. Is it better to study in Britain or America or to study in your own country?
The advantages of going toother country seem obvious. Firstly, you will be able to listen to the language all the time you are in the country. You will be surrounded completely by the language wherever you go. Another advantageis that you have to speak the language if you are with other people. In Colombia, it is always possible, in the class, to speak Spanish if you want to and the learning is slower.
On the other hand,there are also advantages to staying at home to study. You don't have to make big changes to your life. As well as this, it is also a lot cheaper than going to other country but it is never possibleto achieve the results of living in the United Kingdom or The United States. If you have a good teacher in Colombia, I think you can learn in a more concentrated way than being in Britain or USAwithout going to a school.
So, in conclusion, I think that if you have enough time and enough money, the best choice is to spend some time in other country. This is simply not possible for most people,so being here in Colombia is the only viable option. The most important thing to do in this situation is to maximize your opportunities: to speak only English in class and to try to use Englishwhenever possible outside the class.
1. What is the article about?
   [pic] How many people learn English.
  [pic] The best way to learn English. (correct)
   [pic] English schools inEngland and America.
2. What is one of the advantages of going to the UK or USA to learn English?
   [pic] There are no Colombians in Britain.
   [pic] You will have to speak English and not your...
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