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What is a fad?

A fad is a period of time in which a product is know for all the people and everybody wants to have it.

What does the concept Greenmean today?

Green means ecological products that don´t damage the environment and they are healthy for the persons.

Do you know what else it means if you call someone green?

If you callsomebody green it means that is a bad mannered, rude, obscene person.

Skim and Skan:

What is Ecover?

Ecover is a company which specialties en Green and organic products.

Which companies andwhat products does it compete whit?

Ecover with Procter and Gamble (Fairy liquid and Ariel) and Level Brothers (Persil)

Why has it been successful?

Because Ascot was established in a climatewhich was particularly receptive to any product and consumer are interesting in things green.

Is the market for goods like Ecover contracting, static or growing?

The market is growing because ofproducts innovation is increasing all the time Euromonitor predicted that the value of this market could quadruple by 1999.


1.What are the two stories of Ecover?

The two storiesof Ecover are that in a first the they produce ecological products and then they start to produce Paper Chain range of ecofriendly toilet tissues and kitchen towels, Cawston Vale soft drinks andMeridian Foods, which produces a range of speciality oils and organic, processed foods.

2.Does Ascot Management Group manufacture Ecover? Use the text to explain your answer

The company behind thisparticular side of the Ecover story is Ascot Management Group, a brokerage firm set up two years ago, which took responsibility for distributing the environmentally-friendly washing powder. The companywhich specialises in Green and organic products, is the brainchild of Simon Dunn, formerly sales director of Jordan´s cereals business and Stephen Jones an ex-supermarket buyer.


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