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Glossary of business terms
Adjective (adj) Headwords for adjectives followed by information in square brackets [only before a noun] and [not before a noun] show any restrictions on where they can be used. Noun (n) The codes [C] and [U] show whether a noun, or a particular sense of a noun, is countable (an agenda, two agendas) or uncountable (AOB, awareness). Verbs (v) The forms of irregularverbs are given after the headword. The codes [I] (intransitive) and [T] (transitive) show whether a verb, or a particular sense of a verb, has or does not have an object. Phrasal verbs (phr v) are shown after the verb they are related to. Some entries show information on words that are related to the headword. Adverbs (adv) are often shown in this way after adjectives. Region labels The codes AmE andBrE show whether a word or sense of a word is used only in American or British English.

above board adj [not before a noun] honest and legal acquire v [T] if one company acquires another, it buys it acquisition n [C] when one company buys another or part of another company, or the company or part of a company that is bought advertising campaign n [C] an organization’s programme of advertisingactivities over a particular period with specific aims, for example an increase in sales or awareness of a product agenda n [C] 1 a list of the subjects to be discussed at a meeting 2 the things that someone considers important or that they are planning to do something about aggressive adj 1 an aggressive plan or action is intended to achieve its result by using direct and forceful methods 2 anaggressive person or organization is very determined to achieve what they want alliance n [C] an agreement between two or more organizations to work together AOB n [U] any other business; the time during a meeting when items not on the agenda can be discussed application n [C] 1 a formal, usually written, request for something or for permission to do something 2 a formal request for work 3 apractical use for something 4 a piece of software for a particular use or job apply v 1 [I] to make a formal, usually written request for something, especially a job, a place at university, or permission to do something 2 [T] to use something such as a law or an idea in a particular situation, activity, or process 3 [I,T] to have an effect on someone or something, or to concern a person, group, orsituation approximate adj an approximate amount, number etc is a little more or a little less than the exact amount, number etc —approximately adv asset n [C] something belonging to an individual or a business that has value or the power to earn money attend v [I,T] to go to an event such as a meeting attribute n [C] a characteristic, feature, or quality awareness n [U] knowledge or understanding of aparticular subject, situation, or thing background n [C] someone’s past, for example their education, qualifications, and the jobs they have had 168

balance sheet n [C] a document showing a company’s financial position and wealth at a particular time. The balance sheet is often described as a ‘photograph’ of a company’s financial situation at a particular moment bankrupt1 n [C] someone judged tobe unable to pay their debts by a court of law, and whose financial affairs are handled by a court official until the debts are settled bankrupt2 adj not having enough money to pay your debts bankrupt3 v [T] to make a person, business, or country go bankrupt bankruptcy n plural bankruptcies [C,U] when someone is judged to be unable to pay their debts by a court of law, and their assets are sharedamong their creditors (=those that they owe money to), or a case of this happening bank statement n [C] information sent regularly by a bank to a customer, showing the money that has gone into and out of their account over a particular period barrier to trade also trade barrier n plural barriers to trade [C] something that makes trade between two countries more difficult or expensive, for...
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