Ingles diferencias hombre mujer

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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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The differences are apparent. The genital is like something added on, external. Against women, which is part of their privacy. Giving itgreater unity with his whole body, and therefore of greater harmony and elegance .. The man grows by 7% higher and even a higher age has a greater tendency toward baldness. Your skeletal system is moreresilient, his hands are nearly 2 inches more, live less, have a voice, and almost 40% of its weight is fiber, compared with 23% of women.

The man produces millions of sperm to asingle egg of the woman, with a slower physical decline that allows you to maintain fertility for almost a lifetime.

The man has a brain 14% more heavy and bulky, and lessconnection of both hemispheres, making it cost a lot more work on several tasks simultaneously. It costs more to express their feelings and emotions, which are in the right hemisphere, whereas verbal abilityis on the left side. The man used more than the right hemisphere, where there are the logistical (Contemplation, synthesis).

As for the senses.
Men have poorer sensitivity for the ear, butmore visual acuity, and increased sensitivity and ability to observe differences in the light. Have worse instead viewing angle and looks worse in the dark. Better detects saltiness, before the womanbetter detecting sweet and bitter. They smell worse and more serious tone of voice.. Overwhelmingly women have more sensitive skin.

The differences are remarkable. Men have a moredelayed capacity, are higher in math test in spatial and mechanical issues, before the woman, who has a clear superiority in verbal expression. Men show interest in things and are more prospensos tohyperactivity in front of the woman who shows by the people.. The way to know the man is fundamentally intuitive deductive against women..

 Women tend to work with both hemispheres simultaneously. In...
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