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Exercise 1: Put the following paragraph in the reported speech into conversational form using direct speech.

Peter introduced me to Jack who said he was pleased tomeet me. I replied that it was my pleasure, and that I hoped Jack was enjoying his stay in Seattle. He said he thought Seattle was a beautiful city, but that it rainedtoo much. He said that he had been staying at the Bayview Hotel for three weeks, and that it hadn't stopped raining since he had arrived. Of course, he said, thiswouldn't have surprised him if it hadn't been July! Peter replied that he should have brought warmer clothes. He then continued by saying that he was going to fly to Hawaiithe following week, and he that he couldn't wait to enjoy some sunny weather. Both Jack and I commented that Peter was a lucky person indeed.

Exercise 2: Ask youpartner the following questions making sure to take good notes. After you have finished the questions, report what you have learnt about your partner using reportedspeech.

•What is your favorite sport and how long have you been playing/doing it?
•What are your plans for your next vacation?
•How long have you known your bestfriend? Can you give me a description of him/her?
•What kind of music do you like? Have you always listened to that kind of music?
•What did you use to do when youwere younger that you don't do anymore?
•Do you have any predictions about the future?
•Can you tell me what you do on a typical Saturday afternoon?
•What were youdoing yesterday at this time?
•Which two promises will you make concerning learning English?

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