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The visit guided to the Explora park

The exit went at 12 pm in the school, we mount in the bus, then all the partners began to bother forthe windows and some patners hung condoms in the bus ans they had the condoms as bombs, when we arrive to ate and entered and began whit thegames those of the tsumani, then we enter to a room that seemed the space, also to a wheel that got dizzy.

Then we went to see the snakesand I like so much the pitón that was the biggest also an orange toad and a crocodile puppy and poisonous toads as also snakes. Later we went tothe aquarium where we saw two fish fighting and many sharks.

The guide explained to us that the aquarium of the park is an interactivecenter for the appropriation and the popularization of the science and the technology committed with the respect and the protection of the life, inits most captivating expression: the diversity, the park recreates in its aquarium two ecosystems in risk: the humid tropical forest and thecoral reefs.

Aquarius is a scenario for the creation of a new thought. 4 thousand individuals of 400 species, they inhabit the 14 fishbowls offresh water and the 9 of sea, it remembering that we are not alone.

They also told as that we Could not touch the Glass Because the NoiseAffects the Fish and There Were poisonous fish.

We returned around 5:30 pm and I was very satisfied with the visit at the Explora park.
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