Ingles para el bicentenario

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May 25th

Language: To teach and/or review vocabulary. Lexical Sets: items related to battles
and revolutions.
Social Studies: To familiarise students with some revolutionary processes in theworld in the 18th and 19th centuries, with special attention to the main events leading to the May
revolution in 1810.
                                                                                                THE AGE OF REVOLUTIONS

Class discussion: what is a revolution? Brainstorming of ideas.
Reading Comprehension: Revolutions that led to modernity.  (Worksheet AElicit main ideas.Discussion.

Answer these questions:

What did the criollos create after the May revolution?

What did the Glorious revolution mean to England?What did all the developments in science and technology help to change?

Which ideas did the Enlightenment introduce in society?

Why do we say there was an agricultural revolution in the 18thcentury?
Which two new social classes emerged from the Industrial Revolution?
How did the American Revolution start?
Which were the causes of the french Revolution?
                                                     June 20 th

Language: To teach and/or review vocabulary. Lexical Sets: a person`s life
events, description of  people and objects using all 5 senses.
                   To review The SimplePast, simple Present and present Continuous.
                   To review WH questions.
Social Studies: To familiarise students with the life of Manuel Belgrano and
the creation of the flag                          To encourage students to become aware of the values represented in our
national symbols.                    
                                            Sniffing out the impostors
Listening comprehension. (worksheet B)

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