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1. Make a summary of what is happening in the world today.
2. Describe your favorite hotel at the beach. Why do you like it?
3. Describe what your best friend is doing now. Talk about his / her studies, job,
4. Talk about your favorite mall.
5. Describe your plans for a holiday trip. Talk about the place, the hotel, etc.
1. Hacer un resumen de lo que está sucediendo hoy en el mundo.
2. Describa su hotel favorito en la playa. ¿Por qué te gusta?
3. Describir lo que está haciendo ahora tu mejor amigo. Hablar acerca de sus estudios, trabajo,
4. Hable acerca de su centro comercial favorito.
5. Describir sus planes para un viaje de vacaciones. Hablar sobre el lugar, el hotel, etc..

2.1 Myfavorite hotel is Marquez; this hotel is located on the beach of atacames.
This hotel I really like because it is very comfortable, is very large, very elegant, and is also very safe.
This hotel has many places and very interesting, as for example: has a very large swimming pool, has a very nice gym, has a living room games, has a very cool disco, has a very good restaurant, the food at thisrestaurant is very delicious, because this single restaurant prepares typical very delicious food, the games room has many fun things has a pool table, ping pong, Poker, Blackjack among others. This hotel all rooms are very cozy and very safe, but what I like most about this hotel that flange which service is very good. Wherever I travel to the beach I'm staying in this hotel.
3.1 my best friend is inclass, his name is mary, she lives in Concord, she works and studies, she is very funny, is very beautiful, and is very responsible.
She works in the morning, she works in data center, she works with her sister, she works every day, she has told me that the work is very good and that loves, she work only until 12: 00 pm because there has to go to classes, she studies at the Catholic University, shestudied engineering in systems, she told me the love this race. And expected to finish it, for she loves football, she loves dancing, she loves romantic salsa, she likes much children because she simply loves, she dreams contain their own company, and for that it is preparing.
4.1 My favorite Mall is the ICC is located in the Centre of the city, my favorite Mall is very large, my favorite Mallhas many distractions, inside of which are. Theaters that are super fun, shops, shoe shops stores sports also found food among others. one of my favorite theaters is the Cinemark because it is great and the service is very good. sports shops are very good at my favorite is sport marathon because they are always very interesting and innovative things. my favorite local food are the hat pizza and theKFC. also I like a lot because it has many places to have fun between which this play zone and the ice rink.
In conclusion this mall is my favorite because it has many distractions.
5.1 I would first organize people ranging has accompany, then it would be the place where we would go, especially to my I would very much like going to the beach, because I love the beach, second would have to seethe hotel where we just, my preference, I would very much like I stay at the hotel Marquez because this hotel is very good, very safe, very cool but I would stay at this hotel because the service that gives very good.
Then it would be transport where you go, which could be in an own car or bus service public, but first of all would be if we have the resources to travel, then that alreadyeverything only fixed we should travel and fun.

2.- Mi hotel favorito es el Márquez, este hotel esta ubicado en la playa de atacames. Este hotel me gusta mucho porque es muy confortable, es muy grande, es muy elegante, y además es muy seguro.
Este hotel tiene muchos lugares y cosas muy interesantes, como por ejemplo: tiene una piscina muy grande, tiene un gimnasio muy genial, tiene un salón juegos,...
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