Ingles reported speech

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Change into reported speech
1. “Shall I send the letter by airmail or by surface mail?”, my secretary asked.
My secretary asked me if she should send the letter by airmail or by surface mail.2. “Would you care for a mug of cocoa & a couple of Penguin biscuits?”
She offered me a mug of cocoa and a couple of Penguin biscuits. This is just an offer.
3. “Shall I injure my ankle againif I play?” wondered Cruyff.
Cruyff worndered whether he should injure his ankle again if he played The use of ‘whether’ is more formal with the vebr ‘wonder’.
4. “Do you mind if I close thewindow?
She asked the class if she closed the window. ? (This is not a polite request, Elia. See the meaning of the sentence: Someone wants to close the window, that's it. Maybe because he iscold!!)
5. “How long have you been learning English? Your accent is very good”.
She asked her how long she had been learning English and remarked that her accent was very good.
6. “Would you likea cup of tea? It’s just been made”.
She offered me a cup of tea because it was just been made.
7. “Why don’t we write for a brochure about holidays in Spain ”, said my wife.
My wifesuggested to me writing for a brochure about holidays in Spain.
8. “Shall I ever pass my driving test?” Mary wondered.
Mary wondered whether she would ever pass her driving test.
9. “Would youmind moving your car, please?”.
He asked him politely to move his car.
10. “May I open the window? It’s rather hot in here”.
She asked the class if she might open the window because Itwas hot in there.
11. “Will you have some more strawberries?” “No, thank you”.
She offered him to have some more strawberries but he rejected politely.
12. “What’s your name & where do youcome from? asked the customs officer.
The customs officer asked her what her name was and where she came from.
13. “Will you come to tea next Monday?”
She invited me to come to tea the...