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Rodriguez Returns, but Other Yankees Steal Show in Victory

People captured a video of the Japanese Tsunami

In the last week some Japanese people shows incredibles videos of the tsunami

Japanese company créate the first electric car

Alex Rodriguez made his return to the Yankees’ lineupSunday, but he did not have much of an effect on the game. But that was not a problem for the Yankees, who continued to do what they have been doing over the 38 games Rodriguez had missed.
The Mitsubishi company create the first electric car in japan and this coperate with the environment

Woman tries to jailbrake husband in suitcase

Facebook announces video-calling feature Scientists créate atime machine

In Texas a woman tries to jailbreake her husband in a suitcase

Facebook announces video calling this feature rolling out on Wednesday Five German scientists create the first ecological time machine

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To the Editor: Apple iOS 5: Is the new OS of all iDevices in October the iOS will bereleased for the normal users Catt R. Rosek To the Editor:


World: On Saturday 27 in South Korea began the world championships in athletics. I began eagerly to see the TV schedule to see where I could continue this exciting sporting event held every four years. The result is amazing: Eurosport only relays it, and as I have the luck to have that channel, because bored. A few years ago wecould only see about football. Gradually, the interest has been introduced in the panel television sports like basketball, handball and tennis, which is fine, but little else. Will we one day a thematic channel TVE as Teledeporte give us something so beautiful, plastic and interesting as a World Athletics Championships? ÁNGEL LUIS RAMOS VILLAR

To the Editor: Microsoft Windows 11: On 2012 thenew operative system will be released including 200+ features, internet by a optical cable, wi-fi 1300.82G, 4G, blu-ray & more Joe D. Tyed

It has become a truism that no one warned of social upheaval. However, in April 2008 in Cieplan publish the results of extensive research on social cohesion in Latin America. knew that Chile had moved rapidly from a model of cohesion "European", held atthe notion of rights guaranteed by the state, an "American" based on the notion of opportunities created by the market. It is based on the expectations of social mobility of the population, allowing it to withstand high levels of inequality, as the price for the opportunities ahead. We wondered: what if they are not satisfied? In the past the frustrations were alleviated by robust network offamily and community solidarity, the more certain faith in the leadership and political institutions. But these were eroded with the expansion of individualism inherent to the new model. Under these conditions, the sinking of expectations could lead to the collapse of social cohesion. Switching through, is what is happening.

To the Editor: Hurricane Irene: “Storm Cost Seen to Rank in Top 10 of U.S.Disasters” reports that industry estimates put the cost of Hurricane Irene at $7 billion to $10 billion. This is largely an economic stimulus package for the construction industry. Mother Nature provided this without any partisan political posturing, wrangling or Washington backroom trading. Jeffrey F. Koh To the Editor: Cops: In the last week the ex-general director of Carabiners of ChileEduardo Gordon expulse about 6 cops for shot indirectly to the people who have barricades

Sverj Kwnload

To the Editor: Juan Fernandez Airport N.: I think about JFA N airport is too small, short, is extremadlyment dangerous because these airport have many acantilados, these accident mark the history of many matinal famous people Mark J. Howard Eugenio Tironi



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