Ingles unidad 3

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3.1- Home, sweet home
In the home
1- Which rooms are upstairs?
A= The bathroom, the office and the bedroom
2- Which rooms are downstairs?
A= The bathroom, the room and the kitchen
Describe yourhouse
My house is large,cream-colored and two floors
2- The imperative
1- TURN OFF the lights when you don´t need them
2- UNPLUG the charger when the cell phone is charged
3- NOT LEAVE therefrigerator door open
4- NOT WASTE water. Fix leaky faucets
5- INSTALL solar panels to heat your water
6- PLANT trees next to your home
3.2- Busy bees
1- Have to(obligation)
Rodrigo DOESN´T HAVE TOgo to the school
Valeria HAS TO work
Mark HAVE TO make the homework
John HAS TO make the bed
Jane HAS TO water the plants
Bob HAS TO clean the windows
3..3- School life
Must (rule)- mustnot(prohibition)
You MUST NOT run in the school
You MUST pay attention in the class
You MUST NOT sleep in class
You MUST respect the teacher
You MUST NOT fight in the school
You MUSTcomply with the homework
3.4- Neighbors
Pedro moved to a new a neighborhood last week. A neighbor welcomed him and explained some of the rules
Clean up after the pets HAVETO
Clean the streets HAVE TO
Litter the sidewalk HAVE TO
Play loud music MUST NOTWater the plants MUST NOT
Attend monthly meetings HAVE TO
3.5- Survival
T(true) F(false)
A vacation in the jungle is expensiveT
Branches are safe to swing from F
Worms are healthy to eat T
Hairy insects are dangerous T
Snakes never sleep during the day FAlligators swim in lakes T
Should and Shouldn´t
1. You should drink a glass of water
2. You should tell the teacher
3. You should see a dentist
4. I should study this...
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