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On the day that I left Saturn, one of my fellow prisoners told me that since she had known me her opinión of “GREENS” had fallen even lower than it had been before. “his hit me especially had because she was a woman whom I deeply respected and also because had secretly imagined myself to be living a life as a “GREEN” witness among the rebels. She said that when I decided not to speakabout my prison experiences because of the risks involved. She was hardly able to speak to me. She condemned me for professing to be a “GREEN” without having the courage to act like one. It was the that I conceived that I owed it to the members of the camp to speak for them and against Saturnian dictatorship. It became clear to me that, whatever the diplomatic or personal repercussion. It becameclear to me that, whatever the diplomatic or personal repercussion. I had to speak the truth quite openly to those who were prepared to listen these words, then are written as the final stage of the fulfillment of a pledge made to the woman of Alamet prison on Saturn. These woman are now free or living in exile, but other Saturnians have have taken their place. I will write a story of what happenedto me in a spirit of love an hope for my experience has convinced me of the incredible and unconquerable goodness in people.
PLEDGE =a formal promise to do something.
1. What is the main idea of the text?
a) One shouldn’t keep silence for personal security.
b) It’s important to listen to other people’s opinion.
c) It’s fair to denounce brutality
d) One can’t always speak the truth
2.Which of the following statements is presented in the text?
a) Freedom turns into exile after jail
b) Honestly doesn’t bring on diplomatic troubles
c) Rebels prisoners do not respect “GREENS”
d) Human beings are worth loving and believing in
3. According to the text the author changed because she:
a) Discovered she wasn’t acting like a real “GREEN”.
b) Made a pledge to the other woman in prisonc) Didn’t believe in the goodness of people
d) Was respected by her fellow prisoners.
When the world was still yoving, according to the Bible, the Tower of Babel rose above plain of Shinar an in it lived the descendants of Noah, all that were left of the world’s people after the flood.
The people in the Tower spoke the same language until the Lord came to them, caused a confusion of tongues,and spread the over the earth. They could then longer understand each other. The world is no longer young, but its people still plagued by a confusion of tongues, seem to have just as much difficulty understanding each other. Besides that, the world has grown smaller. A person can now circle the planet earth in 36 hours.
Telstar and other communication satellites beam television programssimultaneously to earth’s not so far corners.
But, how universal in reception of those programs when the people of the earth speak some 3000 different languages?
Many linguists, anthropologists, and other experts feel that the answer to the answer to such lack of communication is some kind of international languages. It might be an artificial language, a natural language or a simplified version ofnatural language. But the time is now.
4. Which of the following statements expresses the main idea o the text?
a) God himself caused the confusion of languages
b) Man’s incommunication stated in the Tower of Babel.
c) It is clear that the worlds population needs to understand all existing languages.
d) It is necessary to create a universal language in order to improve man’s communication.
5.Satellites have made human communication easier; however
a) Incommunicationreflects man’s lack of knowledge.
b) The problems of incommunication is a natural language
c) The problem of incommunications continues to be a serious matter.
d) Incommunications is casused by disagreement among linguists and other experts.
6. Which of the following expressions taken from the text is used in a...
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