Ingles vocabulario para aeropuerto

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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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Airport Vocabulary and Use
• Is there a flight to London, please?
• Is it a direct flight, or do I have to change planes?
• Do theyserve food?
• What terminal does it leave from?
• Is there an airport bus?
• Can I have a window/aisle seat?
• What time do I haveto check in?
• What time does it take off?
• What time does it land?
• How long is the flight?
• I'd like a ticket to London,please.
o Single or return?
• Return. How much is it?
o That's £150.00 business class, or £65.00 budget.
• Budget then thanks. Can Ihave a window / aisle seat, please?
o Yes, certainly.

Counter Clerk: Good Morning.
Mr J : Is this the right desk? My flight isBA123.
Counter Clerk: Yes, that's right. I need your passport and your ticket, please.
Mr J: There you go.
Counter Clerk: Thank you. Do youhave any luggage to check in Mr Smith?
Mr J: Yes, these two suitcases.
Counter Clerk: Could you put them on the conveyor belt,please.
Mr J: Sure. I don't think they are over.
Counter Clerk: No. That's fine. Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
Mr S: A windowseat, please.
Counter Clerk: ... Here are your luggage tags and your boarding card. Your seat is 36B.
Mr J: Thank you. What is theboarding time?
Counter Clerk: The plane is boarding in 30 minutes. You leave from Gate 15. Have a good flight.
Mr J: Thank you. Goodbye.
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