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look : give attention to what one is seeing; turn the eyes and see in a certain direction.
Look at that cute baby!

see: use the power of sight.
See! Here she comes!

watch : look at someactivity or event; keep one's eyes fixed on something.
The boys watched television all the afternoon.

gaze: look at something for a long time, in surprise or admiration.
She gazed at him indisbelief when he told her the news.

stare: look at something for a long time with the eyes wide open.
She was staring into space.

gawk = gawp: stare impolitely.
Many people gathered to gawp at thecrashed car.
gape: look at something with one's mouth open.
She gaped at him in surprise.

glance: have a quick look at something.
She glanced at her watch.

scan: look quickly at somethingwithout careful reading.
He scanned the newspaper over breakfast.

glare: stare angrily or fiercely.
She didn't answered, but just glared silently at me.

peer: look very carefully, as if notable to see well.
He peered at me over his spectacles.

peep: look quickly and cautiously.
He was caught peeping through the keyhole.

observe: watch carefully.
The police observed the manentering the bank.

glimpse: have a passing view of something or someone. Usually used in the expression to catch a glimpse of.
He could catch a glimpse of the president among the crowd.

spot:recognize someone suddenly among many others.
He was spotted by the police boarding a plane for Berlin.

behold: old use of the verb to see.
Behold the king!

view: (technical) lookthouroughly; regard, consider.
That film hasn't been viewed by the censor yet.

sight: see for the first time.
The men in the ship finally sighted land.

leer: look in an unpleasant way, suggesting illwill or lust.
The man leered at the young girl.

blink: shut and open the eyes quickly.
How long can you stare without blinking?

wink: close one eye briefly, as a signal to somebody.
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