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Name: Juan Castro

Subject: Answering of the letter

Dear Elizabeth,

My name is Carmen and I´m 16 years old. Yesterday in class my English teachergave us a list of boys and girls from Britain who are looking for pen friends in Spain. I chose you because we are almost exactly the same age and have the same hobbies.

I live with my parents andmy younger brother Marco in Madrid. My father works as an engineer and my brother Marco is only eight and still goes to primary school. I am in Year 10 and I have been learning English since Year 5.My favorite subjects are English (of course), Sport and Math. What year are you in and what are your favorite subjects? Do you have any brothers or sisters? And, what do your parents do? Like you, myhobbies are listening to music, surfing the net and reading.

I hope you write back soon, as I want to know so much about you and Britain and about the type of music you like and what you and yourfriends do at weekends.

With love from,

Carmen Bermúdez Díaz

Answering of the letter

Dear Carmen

Thanks for your letter, its so grate talk with people of others countries. The activitythat you are doing in classroom are so nice because that gives you the opportunity to know others cultures.

Ok is time that you know something about me like you know my name its not necessary myothers names, I m19 years old, I study music in my country and I loved do it. And answering your questions I m in the 5th semester in the national conservatory and my favorite subjects are history of thecontemporary music, and play my instrument. I only have one brother and is oldest than me whit 4 years of difference. In my home only my father works and is a lawyer. And the music that I like tolisten… I don’t have preferences I like all type of music but some ones only to dance and the things that my friends and me like to do is a variety of things because the improvising things are the most...
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