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Used to
Past- but not necessary now

I used to play tennis

No longer

I no longer play piano

I used to play piano, but I don’t now.
I No longer go to clubs
I no longer eat candy
I nolonger eat fatty foods
I no longer take vitamins
I no longer watch American Idol

Likewise: También, así mismo
Rather than: Preferir
Skimming: Quitar la nata
Furthermore: es más
Rely: Contar conOn the other hand: por otro lado, por otra parte

Present PAST
She said, “I am tired”=> She said that she was tired
He said, “I am going to move” => He said that he was going to move
She said, “I work hard everyday” =>she said that she worked hard everyday

She said, “I was tired” => She said that she was tired
She said”I worked hardyesterday” => she said that she had worked hard
She said “I have been tired” => She said that she had been tired
He said, “I fixed it already”=> He said that he had fixed already
They said, “We will do it” => they said that they would do It.(“Would” es el pasado del auxiliar Will)

I have been trying to purchase this Item during this year but you don’t seem to have it in stock, can you tell me whenyou’ll have it?

1. Is your mother coming tonight?
No, she has other plans

2. How long has this been going on?
3. I’ll leave you alone for a while
4. Will this piece of equipment hold up?5. What went wrong?
6. Why did it break?
7. Somebody should get this to his parents
8. One thing had nothing to do with the other
9. I locked the keys in my car
10. Getting a degree in...
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