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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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1. Braind storm: Shakira - Oral fixation - double Project - double album - songs - English - Spanish - state of mind - lives - interpretation- things she eats - she would like people - Gustavo Ceratti - the most representative figure of Hispnic - rock enormous contribution to the song - This isher first duet - Alejandro Sanz has a very unique style - Alejandro was the voice she needed, date 07 de Jun.


3. Thesis:Shakira talk of her album double Fixation oral with double project, because have song in English and Spanish. It album that is going to be released on June 7th.The album, is relation with the Shakira is. She lives through her mouth, things that she says in her songs. The title of the album allows people to get totheir own conclusions.

Alejandro Sanz is her first duet. He was the voice she needed to have in this song. He did a very unique style and his flamenco flavormade an enormous contribution to the song. Gustavo Ceratti was always her idol. She thinks he is the most representative figure of Hispanic rock in America.4. Out line:
- Introduction: June 7th, Shakira, Alejandro Saenz and Gustavo Ceratti, America, Songs, sing.
- Body: Sing, happy, thinks, wanted and need.- Conclusion: The double album Shakira in English and Spanish. The name of this album is oral fixation, is very important for her.
She made duet withAlejandro Saenz in other song. She thinks that Gustavo Ceratti is the most representative figure of Hispanic rock and Shakira is Colombian´s most famous singer.
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