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Activity 1

Instruccion: Write a paragraph about your ideal job.Highlight the topic sentence and underline the supporting sentences.
Strategy: Review your guide and textbook: Focus on Writing section in unit 3, activity C: Writing, pages 17-21. See the examples onthose pages.

I would like to be a techer for elementary school. First I love to teach. I teach kids from kindergarten section and I really enjoy it but I think that bigger kids are a little more easyto deal. Second they already know how to write wich is more easy in order to fill and complete the activities in their books. Another reason is that you don’t need to keep singing , dancing or playingin the class all the time. With bigger kids you can be a little more serius and formal wich is fine. Finally you don’t get too tired because they are more mature, so you don’t need to deal withfights or baby’s crying during the class.

Activity 2

Instruction: Read the following paragraph. Where necessary, add more details in order to make the paragraph clearer. Write the details on thespace provided. Put a mark in the paragraph given where the details can be added.
Startegy: Review your guide and textbook: Focus on Writing section in unit 3, activity C: Writing. There is anexample on page 67.

I like Chanel perfume, but I have to be careful to buy real Chanel and not fake. Guys sell fake Chanel perfume on the sidewalk in Los Angeles. The bottles are the same shapes as areal Chanel, but the label loos different (1). If you put the fake perfume on, it has the wrong smell (2). Fake Chanel is cheper than real Chanel. But if you buy it, you waste your money because itsmells very bad (3).

1. The real label has a different color in the letters CH, when you put the perfume on the light the real ones has a pink color but in the fake ones look like brown.
2. The...
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