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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2010
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1) Distance: This is the correct one because they don’t mention a quantity for the space so for this reason we can rule out length; depth is about distance between up anddown so isn’t correct for the context.

2) Around: Is the correct because to be the preposition all before means that the text makes reference that surrounds in acomplete way the space so the other options don’t means that.

3) Another: when we want add a thing in a context without mentioning we need to have a reference aboutthat before and in this case the text is writing in this way so for this reason we rule out other ; next and later don’t have any relation with that.

4) Heavy: It’sthe only option that can means general quantify about something so it’s the option that makes the text have coherently.

5) Quite: It’s a adverb that means “a lot of”but in a positive way. The intensity that expresses “quite” is less than “very”, but superior than “little”, so this word makes the emphasis that the text need.

6) AHeat: Because heat is used a form of transferred energy that arises from the random motion of molecules and is felt as temperature, especially as warmth or hotness. Heat istransmitted by conduction, convection, or radiation.

7) Interested: Because is used to a curious or concerned person or someone who wanting something or something orsomeone what or who affected or involved

8) Cause: Because it's used to makes something happen, to give reasons, to interests and discussion subject.

9) Tools:Because something used for a job in this case weather forecasting.

10) Still: Is used here to indicate that a situation that used to exist has continued and exists now.
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