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Part 1. Select the best choice.

1. Charlie: _____________________________?
Skyler: He’s fairly short. He has brownhair and green eyes.
A. What does Todd look like? B. What’s color is his hair?
C. How old is she? D. What does He like?

4. Charlie: _____________________________?Skyler: They are the ones standing next to the door.
A. Who’s Travis? B. Where is Alex?
C. Which ones are Alex and Travis? D. What is Alex doing?

3. Charlie:_____________________________?
Skyler: No, he doesn’t. He wears glasses.
A. Does your sister wear contact lenses? B. Does he wear contact lenses?
C. Does he have his glasses in his pocket?D. Does she wear glasses?

2. Andrea: _____________________________?
Brian: It’s curly.
A. Does he have a mustache? B. What color is his hair?
C. How long is hishair? D. What is his hair like?

Part 2. Complete the chart with the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives.

|Adjective |Comparative|Superlative |
|safe | ||
|boring | | |
|dangerous| | |
|exciting || |

Part 3. Choose 2 different adjectives from the chart above. Write 2 sentences comparing Rio de...
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