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1. hello, how are you?
2. good and you how are you?
1. well, look this is my younger brother.
2. Nice to meet you my name is
3. Hi, I'mMartin, nice to meet you too.
2. you are Europeans, Are not You?
3. yes i am. so are you not, are not you?
2. no, i am colombian. It's a beautifulday to play football, is not it?
1. I think it's wonderful. but I forgot my shoes. Could you lend it to me. Could you?
2. no problem. let's goto my house, shall we?
3. carlos we are Manchester United fans not, are not we?
1. yes, we are. aldo you're a fan of that team?
2. ofbarcelona. You liked the last game, Did not You?
 1. uff was exciting. I am right not, are not I?
2. course. we have come to my house, wait for me amoment.
3. ready
2. OK, now to play. We have been waiting for this moment, Have not we?
3 go!

1.What about going this weekend tofilm?
3. Yes, of course. I'm looking forward to, right?
2. agree, but we have not decided what movie to see
1. I love comedies, Do not you?
3. Ilike the suspenseful enough
1. although the action is exciting, Are not You?
2. We could meet on Sunday at 6 pm at my house, I will invite mysister if she wants to go, if you want to invite someone.
1. go! juancho you know, we need to be good if we go to the movies
3. okay!
2. afterleaving the cinema, we go to eat pizza, like pizza, Do not you?
3. we love it! will be an excellent plan, not is it?
2. well, then stay tuned!
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