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This report aims to give a brief explanation of the importance of an international treaty of comerciomás known worldwide. The Nafta arises when governments of the United Mexican States (Mexico),Canada and the United States signed a free trade agreement.
The first of January 1994 entered into force this Free Trade Agreement.
NAFTA is a set of rules agreed by the countries of the United States,Canada and Mexico, to sell and buy products and serviciosde North America. It is called "free trade area", as due to the rules that have defined how and when to remove tariff barriers to ensure freeaccess of goods and services between the three nations involved, that is, how and when removed permits, quotas and licenses, and particularly the rates and tariffs, being also ensure compliance withintellectual property rights
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NAFTA integraciónentre born when the United States and Canada, begins to take shape in 1965 withthe signing of the Pact Automotive. For its part, between Mexico and the United States began to materialize such integration when in 1965 he established the maquiladora program in northern Mexico.Escuchar
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The FTA was signed by the three countries on 17 December 1992.

The main objectives of NAFTA are:
1. Promote conditions offair competition,
2. Increase investment opportunities
3. Provide adequate protection to intellectual property rights,
4. Establish effective procedures for the implementation of NAFTA and thedispute settlement
5. Remove trade barriers between Canada, Mexico and the United States, stimulating economic development and giving each signatory country equal access to their markets.

Rules oforigin of the treaty are as follows:
1. The FTA provides for elimination of all tariff rates on goods that originate in Mexico, Canada and the United States during a period of transition. The rules...
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