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The Cleverest Person in the World
This book is about a young boy who was born in a small village. By the name of Mahmoud who grows up to be the world’s cleverest person. After his birth Mahmoud´sfather was very proud to have a son, because he wants him to become a carpenter just like him. But as Mahmoud starts to grow his family sees that he is a very clever and strange boy. By the age of onehe could talk and walk. Also he was never with the other children from the village he was always around the adults. At the age of six Mahmoud and his family wanted him to go to school, and that’s whenthey met Ms. Hassan the village school teacher. Who told Mahmoud´s family he was to young to go to school and he had to wait until he was seven. But when Ms. Hassan saw the circumstances the familywas in she allowed Mahmoud to enter school at the age of six. On his first day of school he was made fun of by the other children because he wanted to learn he wanted to read and write. But what theydid not know was the Mahmoud was a very clever boy.
While in school Ms. Hassan thought that Mahmoud could not read or write. She always saw Mahmoud drawing and of the few books they had Mahmoud wouldturn the pages quickly and everyone thought that he wasn’t able to read. It was like that until Mahmoud was twelve. But one day a government inspector when to Mahmoud´s school and asked all thestudents questions his name was Mr. Zaki. But when he got to Mahmoud he had low expectations according to what Ms. Hassan had told him about Mahomoud. But when the inspector saw his drawings and work he wasamazed. He immediately wanted to take Mahmoud away from this village. He succeeded but he was name Mahmoud´s official guardian which meant he had to quit his job and take care of Mahmoud. He tookMahmoud to a university and arranged private lessons for him. He had teachers from all over the world and all of them thought he was a genius. All Mahmoud wanted to do was study and do school work. At...
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