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Write the correct letter.
a. marathones
b. coins
c. on the beach
d. poetry
e. movies

1. Collecting __
2. Writing __
3. Hanging out __
4. Running __
5.Watching __

Link the sentence with a line.

1.I`ve been collecting in a choir since their were in high school

2. She`s been solvinghome movies since we were kids.

3. They have been singing crosswords puzzles for 5 years.

4. How long have you been russianfor long ?

5. Have you been learning writing poetry ?

Underline the right answer.

1. Can you tell me/Why do you think what timethe news is on?

2. Can you tell me/Do you know if there´s a movie after that?

3. Can you check/why do you think what´s that about ?

4. Why do you think/Do youknow if those shows are so popular ?

5.Can you tell me/Do you know if what time the soccer game is on ?

Write the words in thecorrect order.

1. Can you tell me (is/that woman/from)

2. Do you know (will/she/in the party)___________________________________________________________

3. Can you explain (you/get here/how)

4. Do you know if (will/go/cinema/we)___________________________________________________________

5. I wonder if (like/they/drink/night)


Make sentences witha word from A, a line from B, and a line from C.

Princess Mononoke was...
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