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Complete the questions and answers. Use the verbs: buy, go, have, make, see, be.
A: Where (1)__________you______that beautiful scarf?
B: I(2)_______it at Macy`s
A:Who (3)_____you ____with?
B:Withmy sister. We (4)____some winter clothes
A: Really: Oh I think you ____a great time.
B: Sure, we did! After that we (6)_____ to the movies. We (7)____the latest Harry Potter`s movie.
A: You did?How ____it?
B: Amazing. We really liked it.
A: (9) ____you ____ downtown?
B: No, we (10) to a new mall in San Fernando.
II. complete with was, wasn`t, were, weren´t)
I remember my first swimminglesson. I (1) ____ very old-only five years old and I ____very scared. I think the other kids (3) ____nerveous, too. But teacher. Julie____ very nice. Our parents ____very happy.
III. Complete thesentences with a expression from the box. DO NOT REPEAT THEM.
Got a bad sunburn
Go this autografh
Got sick
Went on a road trip
Went to see
Went hiking
1. (1) _______a play last weekend, DonQuijote. After the show, I met the lead actor and (2) _______yesterday, I (3)________with my friends. It was great, but it was really hot a sunny. I (4)_______across the USA with my brother. It was weboth. (6)_____! We had to stop. We went to the doctor and stayed in bed for three days.
IV. Underline the correct option in this conversation.
A. How I much/many fruit do you eat a day?
B.Well, I have banana/a banana every day for breakfast.
A. How many/much times a week do you eat meat?
B. I eat beef/beefs almost every day
A. Do you ever have any/some snaks?
B. Well, Isometimes have any/some green salad
A. And do you eat a lot of/much eggs
B. No, I don`t. I eat eggs about twice a month
A. Hey would you like to get some/any coffe
B. Sure let `s getsome/any and sit outside the cafeteria. It´` s so sunny

Hi Rick. This is Jennifer. I _____(call9 from home I hope you (not work)_____ today. My friend Alicia ____(visiting) from Los Angeles. It...
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