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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2011
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|Name: Jaime Christian Rendón Esperón |Registration: 2612429 |
|Course title: Lengua adicional al español V|Teacher’s name: Beatriz Ríoz |
|Module: 1 Conditionals, Frequency and Habits |Activity: 1 Use of First Conditional and Future Time Clauses + |
||when, until, etc: Lesson 4A “Back to school, age 35”. |
|Date: 13/01/11 |Team:No aplica |
|Bibliography: Oxenden, C & Latham-Keoing, C. (2007). American English File 3. Oxford University Press. Chapter 4A. |Objective: Review and use the First Conditional and future time clauses+ when, until. etc

Procedure: I realized first hand exercises that are on the blackboard, after that, I check if everything wasalright

Results: Exercise 3: Instructions: Choose the correct option.
1. If we ___ to France, we _____ the Eiffel Tower. 
a) Go…..wil visit
b) Will go…..visit
2. You ____ toBeijing faster if you ___
a) Get…..will fly
b) Will get…
3. Tony _____ a new car if he ____ enough money.
a) Buy….. saves
b)Will buy…..saves  
4. I ___ you withEnglish if you _____ me with math.
a) Will help……help
b) Help……will help
5. If he _____ harder, he ______ his job.
a) Work…..won’t lose
b)Doesn’t work….will lose
6.She ____ to bed late if she ____ the late movie.
a) Will go……watches
b) Goes…..won’t watch
7. If I _____ homework my teacher _____ angry
a) Do……will get
b) Don’tdo…….gets
8. Sam ___ a good grade if he _____ hard.
a) Doesn’t get…..won’ study
b) Will get……studies 
Future Time clauses
Exercise 4. Circle the correct Option(s).
1. I'll buy you a...
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