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I . I Underline the twelve phrasal verbs in these sentences.

1 I sent off the order last week but the goods haven't turned up yet.
2 I came across an interesting book in the library.I took down the title. Here it is.
3 We asked some friends around to watch a film, but the video was playing up and it
eventually broke down.
4 I brought up this problem at the last meeting.It's really time to sort out the problem.
5 I wish he'd stop messing us about! He's put the meeting off three times and now he
wants to call it off altogether.

1.2 Match the twelve phrasal verbsfrom sentences 1-5 in exercise 1.1 above with their meanings from the box below.

cause inconvenience deal with stop working find invite home arrivepost cancel write postpone not work properly mention

1.3 Decide which of these sentences contain errors. Explain why they are wrong and suggest a
correct answer.
1 Thatsong you just sang brings back memories of my days at college.
2 She looked the children after when their mother was in hospital.
3 I promised to ring my brother back. He called earlier when I wasbusy.
4 We ate out a wonderful dinner last night.
5 It was a beautiful summer evening so I asked the cat out for a drink.

1.4 Sometimes phrasal verbs are followed by a particular preposition tomake three-part verbs.
Try to learn these prepositions with the phrasal verbs. Look at these examples of three-part verbs, then complete the sentences below with a preposition from the box. Use adictionary
or the Mini dictionary at the back of this book if necessary.

EXAMPLES I'm looking forward to the weekend.
She's been going out with him for six monthsnow.

1 She seems to look down ............................... people who are less intelligent than her.
2 The school decided to do away ................................. the language lab as no-one...
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