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Writing a letter to an old friend
Write a letter to someone you haven´t seen for a long time. Include three things you have donesince you last saw that person. Then exchange letters with a partner and write a response to it

Dear Hetor
How have you been? We last saw each other at our atour high school graduation, right? What have you done since then? I started college three years ago. I really like my classes, so far, I´ve been on a girls´soccer team for…
during this whole time I have been very well but with some problems in some courses but anything that you cannot solve. I hope you are indisposition of seeing the right graduation that he/she goes to be carried out soon. I have begun the university for five years during this time I have been I cracklikewise to the MESO-AMERICAN one to the repair of computers, but at the same time I have worked with my family like cashier is something heavy that is well forthe night but this for my, likewise I have left he/she is necessary to go for a walk in bicycle.
durante todo este tiempo he estado muy bien pero conun poco de problemas en unos cursos pero nada que no se pueda solucionar. espero que te encuentres en disposicion de ver la graduacion de derecho que varealizarse proximamente. yo inicie la universidad hace cinco años durante este tiempo he estado hiendo a la MESOAMERICANA asi tambien a la reparacion de computadoras,pero al mismo tiempo he trabajado con mi familia como cajero es algo pesado que es por la noche pero esta bien para mi, asi tambien he salido ha pasear en bicicleta
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