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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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You’ve ever thought about our country? Many say that this country is from bad to worse, or if not been much improved throughout the years. But ifyou think about it you will realize that Venezuela is a beautiful country that maybe just maybe in the distant future this will change, for thetime of 50 years in the future, Venezuela will have completely changed. These are some of the ideas that could happen in Venezuela in the future.Approximately in 50 years Venezuela will be more beautiful than ever, we develop new cars that use sunlight also homes and businesses, thanks tothe use of sunlight, in Venezuela probably won't have toxic gases also there will be no pollution of the planet. Venezuela will be very organized,there will be no danger in the streets instead there will be very safe and have lots of security protection on the streets. transport will befaster, efficient and maybe there will be flying cars, the traffic won't exist, in addition to the cars there will be other means of transport to makethe translation from the people to be more faster. then the internet will be even more developed, the Internet dominates all areas there everydaysuch as research, schools, jobs, and more, the Internet will be much more important than it is now, people will have the opportunity to travel tothe moon by spacecraft, there will exists hotels on the moon, besides divercion parks and other activities which we will enjoy in the future.
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