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A Complete the sentences with can or can’t
6 I can’t see you tonight. I’m very busy.

A Write the –ing form of the verbs in the chart.
Write | run | talk | Play |Have | Sit | get |
cook | make | swim | study | Phone | |

Work working | Live living | Shop shopping |
Talkingplayingcookingstuding | WritingMakingPhoninghaving |GettingSwimmingRunningsitting |

B Write sentences about Matt with love, not like, like, or hate and a verb.
He loves playing chess.
1He loves watching TV.
2He likes talkingphotos.
3He likes going to the cinema.
4He doesn’t like doing exercise.
5He doesn’t like listen to the radio.
6He hates doing housework.
7He hates eating fast food.Matt’s likes and dislikes |
| Chess, TV |
| Photos, the cinema |
| Exercise, the radio |
| Housework, fast food |

A Complete the sentences with an objectpronoun (me, you, etc.)
I love you.
1 He’s in love with you but she doesn’t love me .
2 It’s a good film. Do you want to see it ?
3 You speak very quickly. I can’t understandyou .
4 We have a problem. Can you help us .
5 I try to talk to her but she doesn’t listen to me .
6 They’re nice you know you .

B Change thehighlighted words to pronouns.
I see John every day. I see him every day.
1 I know Linda. I know her.
2 She lives with her father. She lives with
3 I usually see myparents on Saturday. I usually see them on Saturday.
4 I can’t remember your e-mail address. I can’t remember you.
5 I don’t like this actress. I don’t like her.
6 Can youbook a table for my friend and me? Can you book a table for me.

A Look at the pictures. Complete sentences with mine, yours, etc.

5 It’s mine. 6 it’s yours.
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