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I talk about the importance of training human resources as the answer to the need for companies to have a skilled and productive and this allows us to be competitive and thus avoidstaff turnover in the company.
In both wars gotten it gave rise to technical training and intensive training, whose methods have been adjusted to other fields of human activity, especiallyindustry. In 940 was when he began to understand the work that training should be a systematic and organized basis.
In 1970 in Mexico, the Federal Labor Law establishes the obligation of the companiesto train their employees, and by 1977 the job training becomes a right for the worker, in 1978 originated the system of training and development.
Defining training
Training is the acquisition oftechnical knowledge and skills that will contribute to the development of individuals in the performance of an activity.
Staff training in enterprises
Training and training, are provided to employeeknowledge on all technical aspects of work. The small employer must assess how they are carrying out the functions to determine whether or not a training program.
It must be understood as aninvestment company in order to occupy any new positions or to avoid bad habits at work. The training is split into:
1. Training
2. training
Benefits of training for organizations
Among the benefits is thecompany to training are:
• Create better company image
• Improved boss subordinate relationship
• Raise the morale of the workforce
• Increase productivity and work quality.

Benefits oftraining for workers
Among the benefits earned by employees with the training are:
• Eliminates the fear of incompetence
• Raise the level of job satisfaction
• Develop a sense of achievement

The determination of training needs is the core enabler of the process that allows to know the weaknesses in a company to establish objectives and actions to be considered in the plan.
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