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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2011
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Name: Diana Izabal Torres | Student´s number: 2663884 |
Course title:English IV | Teacher’s name:Daniela Rochin |
Module:Module 2, unit 6. |Activity:Past perfect, simple past. |
Date: March, 3, 2011 | Team: |
Bibliography:workbook |

Complete the following activities individually for moreindividual practice
I. Write the correct form of the verb (simple past vs. past perfect).
1. Jane (stay) stayed at home yesterday.
2. Your letter (arrive)arrived two days ago.
3. I (live) lived here for ten years.
4. Last week we (go) had went to the cinema.
5. The game (start) had started. They areplaying now.
6. I (phone) phoned you at five and you weren't there.
7. I (lose) lost my watch, I can't find it.
8. Last month Sarah (travel) traveled toItaly.
9. I (work) worked all day and now I'm tired.
10. We (buy) bought a new house last week.

II. Make the positive or negative past perfect simple  1. When I arrived at the cinema, the film hadn’t started (start).
2. She had lived (live) in China before she went to Thailand.
3. After they had eaten(eat) the shellfish, they began to feel sick.
4. If you had listen (listen) to me, you would have got the job.
5. Julie didn’t arrive until after I had left(leave).
6. When we had finished (finish) dinner, we went out.
7. The garden was dead because it had been (be) dry all summer.
8. He had met (meet) hersomewhere before.
9. We were late for the plane because we hadn’t forgotten (forget) our passports.
10. She told me she had studied (study) a lot before the exam.
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