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When difining the basepoint the robot should first be moved toa position where the symmetrical axix or its extensión points through the referencepoint, see the figure below .In this figure , thebasepoint will be defined in point B, i.e outside the TCP. (This means that the x-axis of the tool-coordinate system will point in the opposite tool direction, but this is generally of lessimportance.)
1 direct the tool to the orientation required, relative the work piece.
2 define the TCP with the AUTO DEF method
3 when ENDPOS is entered the TCP is defined. Move the TCP a couple ofcentimeters back wards from the work piece by moving the robot manually with the joystick.
4 define the BASEPoint with the AUTO method whithout moving the robot, i.e answer
5Activate the recently definedTCP.
If the tool orientation is to be chanfed during the program execution, a new pair of basepiont/TCP must be defined.
1 activate the old TCP.
2 direct the tool to the orientation required (bymanual running).
3 copy the old TCP-location under the new TCP-number with the AUTO method, I e answer the question ¨NEW START POS¨with YES, press START POS and then press ENDPOS, without moving therobot in berween.
4 Move theTCP A couple of centimeters back wards from the work piece by moving the robot manually
5 define the new basepoint with the AUTO method without moving the robot ,I e answerthe question ¨NEW START POS¨with NO, and then press ENDPOS.

The following menu for selection of sensor numbers is available under TOOL +SENSOR in the MANUAL menu on theprogramming unit

1 the numbers of the sensors which are already defined in the system are presented in theupper display line.
2 select the number of the sensor which is to be checked, changed or defined.3the system then presents a succession of questions for all parameter wich are availablefor the sensor concerned.
4with ENTER without specificacion of data, a value already defined for the parameter...
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