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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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• “Thus, we see that the initial contact between English and Spanish did not occur with the invasion of U.S. troops in 1898, but rather had its roots nearly a hundred years earlier.”

This factreally surprised me because I had no idea that Puerto Rico and English (U.S.) had such a long History. I didn’t know that there was such a vast history with the trading of good between English speakingcountries and Puerto Rico. I always thought that we came in contact with English when we were invades by the United States.

• The Commissioner of Education, Juan B. Huyke, was the first PuertoRican to occupy this post. “Among his pro-English measures were.... the ranking of schools by the students' English grades, the organization of English clubs and a penpal program, the prohibition ofmaterials written only in Spanish, and the mandatory testing of teachers in English with the forced resignation of those who failed (Negron de Montilla 1990 [1976])."

Well, I'm really amazed at thefact that the first puertorrican that was elected commissioner of education was so pro English and anti Spanish teaching. That he even banned the materials that were written in Spanish. Being apuertorrican didn’t matter to him, that the people on the island couldn’t work with English, he wanted to impose the language and you can’t do that… because they don’t learn and get mad that something isbeing forced on them. So he ended up with people that were mad and protesting and DIDN’T KNOW ENGLISH. I believe that it should be a choice, we live in a democracy and we are able to decide forourselves what we believe is best for us. The testing of teachers and the FORCED RESIGNATION is something that couldn’t be tolerated EVER!!

• When Huyke decided not to continue as Commissioner andJose Padin was appointed in 1930. Padin had a long track record of defending Spanish.

This Fact is not surprising at all, anyone could have predicted this, because, as I stated before, you can’t...
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