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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2011
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At the top of the screen .you will see a long, thin bar with words and a clock on it. This is a menu bar.–Another graphic tool that helps you to access programs and files. On the left side of themenu bar. You will see an apple icon. If you click on this icon, a box called a drop-down menu will appear under it. The drop down menu contains several words or item that allow you to do differentthings within the computer. Clicking on an item will let you access files or run programs. Look back at the menu bar again. To the right of the apple icon, you will see several menus: files, edit, view,and help are the most common menus, but you may see others depending on what program you are running. Each of these menus accesses its own drop-down menu with its own set of items

* Apple iconmenu contains system info and special programs that ideal with running the computer
* File menu contains file items like open, print, save, quit, move to trash and close.
* Edit menu containsediting items like undo, cut, copy, paste and clear
* View menu contains items for changing how things appear on the screen
* Help menu contains items to access tutorials or helpfulinformation
On a Mac system, the menu bar always remains at the top of the screen, except when running certain programs, like games, that do not require a menu bar
Many programs and applications runwithin Windows or boxes that can be opened, minimized, resized and closed. When a program window opens, you may notice that the menus on the menu bar change. That is because the menus vary to suit theneeds of the program that is running. At the top of each window, you will see a title bar contains the title of the program or folder. To the left of the title bar is a small square icon that closes thewindow. On the right, are two square icons the left one resize the window and the right one minimizes/maximizes it. Resizing allows the user to make the window smaller or large. Minimizing the...
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