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Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación
Inglés I
Lic. Nancy Cabriales

English 1
Unit 1. Test


1. Write the correct form of the verb in the line. (Remember to use a “s” in the 3rd person)

|Live |Play |Speak|Work |

Kenji: Hi, Junko. How are you?

Junko: Fine, thanks. Kenji, this is my friend, Reiko. She’s a musician. She__works___at the theater. She_plays_the piano.

Kenji: Nice to meet you, Reiko. I’m a musician, too. I ___play__the guitar.

Reiko: Nice to meet you, too. Do you ____live__in Chicago?

Kenji: No, I Don’t. I’m here on vacation. I__live_ in London. Oh! Here are my friends Hiroshi and Anna. They____live__ in Chicago too. Hiroshi __works__at a hospital. He’s a doctor. Anna is a secretary. She __works__at the hospital, too.Junko: Hello, Anna. Do you _speak___English?

Anna: Of course. I’m from New York. I don’t __speak__ Japanese!

2. Put the correct number in the parenthesis

1. Is he From England? ( 2 )He’s from Australia

2. Where is he from? ( 4 ) He has his backpack

3. Does he have a suitcase? ( 1 ) No, he’s not.

4.What does he have? ( 3 ) No, he doesn’t5. Excuse me. Do you have a pen? ( 7 ) Here you are

6. Do you have a pencil? ( 5 )No, I don´t have a pen. Sorry.

7. May I have one, please? ( 8 )You’re welcome

8.Thanks ( 6 ) Yes, I do. I have two.

3. Write the correct form of the verb to be (am, is,are) on the line.

1. I __am___a pilot.

2. He _is__ from Paris.

3. It __is _ an eraser.4. They__are__ from Rome.

5. She __is__ not from Turkey.

6. _are_ you a secretary?

7. We__are__ from Tokyo.

8. My name _is_ Helen.

9. __is__she from Ecuador?...