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  • Publicado : 25 de marzo de 2011
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Reviewing Current Irregular Verbs and their Simple Past
Instructions: Check whether you know all of the following past tenses by writing them in. Underline those you do not know well. Only thoseverbs used frquently in modern English and whose simple past teneses are irregular have have been incuded in this list. to arise to awake* to be to become to begin to bend to bet* to bind to bite tobleed to blow to break to bring to build to burn to buy to catch to choose to come to cost to creep to cut to deal to dig to dive* to dive* to do to draw to dream* to dream* to drink to drive to dwell* todwell* to eat to fall to feed to feel to fight to find to flee to fly to forbid to forget to freeze to get to give to go to grow to hang* to hang* to have to hear to hide to hit to hold to hurt tokeep to know to lay to lead to lean* to lean* to leap* to leap* to learn* to learn* to leave to lend to let to lie to light* to light* to lose to make to mean to meet to overcome to pay to put to readto rid to ride to ring to rise to run to say to see to seek to sell to send to set to shake to shed to shine to shoot to shrink to shut to sing to sink to sit to sleep to slide to smell* to smell* tospeak to spell* to spell* to spend to spill* to spill* to spin to split to spoil* to spoil* to spread to spring to stand to steal to stick to sting to stink to strike to swear to sweep to swim to swingto take to teach to tear to tell to think to thrive* to thrive* to throw to understand to wake to wear to weep to win to wind to withdraw to wring to write

* indicates that these verbs have bothan irregular and a regular simple past.

Now make up your own "test" for your work partner. Choose 10 of the most difficult verbs! In the boxes marked "A"write the verbs with their simple past formsand past participles. Each student will dictate verbs to his/her partner to see if he/she knows them!
A: répandre
spi l l : spi l t/spi l l ed, spi l t/ed

B: enfler
swel l : swel l ed/swol l...
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