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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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President of the United States of America:

First of all I send a cordial greeting; I hope your family is in complete peace andhappiness. Above all remember that a day like today, not only represents love, but also friendship, we celebrate loved ones who are with us and make our world better,people who are our motivation to be better people every day and who make us smile when we are sad, who clean our tears, those who support us unconditionally, people whono doubt would trust them our whole lives, those who are counted on the fingers of the hands called "friends." I guess you have much work to do, but I invite you togive you time to smile, to let them know you're friends with them because sometimes it does not show and we forget to tell you how much we love them.
Mr Chairman Iinvite you to take some time for you and your family, and friends. Visitors spend a happy day of love and friendship, along with his wife, children and friends.
Tolead a nation, it is you who mostly should be filled with love, because that is what they project to everyone else, if you are expecting a change in your country,start by changing yourself first, to improve day by day, and perhaps make errors, like everyone else, but taking the good and bad shooting.
I appreciate the timethat was given to read this letter and I know that not all this go unnoticed.

And remember to smile :)
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