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  • Publicado : 1 de mayo de 2011
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Title:Australian gouldian finches

How can little birds be so famous, ravenous and big in energy?

The gouldian finches are about 130-140 mm (3 inches) long, which means they are as small as anegg. The bird is found in northern Australia, from the Cape York Peninsula through north-west Queensland and the northern territory to the Kimberly region of western Australia. The bird is nomadicand only moves when scarce of food; their tropical habitat is in savanna woods. Even if in 1959 Australia banned the exportation of the bird, but anyways the bird have been embarked breeding incipientin many countries in the world. How can you tell its gender and what colors are in the gouldian finches family?

Both sexes are brightly colored with black, green, yellow, and red markings; thefemales tend to be less brightly colored. A major difference in the average Gouldian finches is that the male chest's is purple and the female a lighter mauve. The Gouldian Finches head may be red,black or yellow. Selective breeding has also developed generated mutations, (blue, yellow and silver instead of a green back) in both body and breast color. Newly-hatched Gouldian Finches are pinkand naked until about 12 days old when the beginnings of feathers start to appear. Very young birds also have blue, phosphorescent beads on the sides of their beaks to help their parents see them inthe dark. How does this little bird behave and act?

The little bird held in captivity they are breed to be in a colony, in the wild, the Gouldian is not a colony bird. Outside the breeding season,however, Gouldian Finches often join mixed flocks consisting of Long-tailed Finches and Masked Finches. This is probably a defense against pugnacious predators. Broaching, these little bird tend tobe very fast and pungent smelling, and in the good seasons they are stagnant and they tend to devour and share with the family the food. In dry bad months they move so they can find new ways to...
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